Avenidas Memorial Markers

Buying a marker is a very personal and emotional event. The cost alone can be financially draining. It doesn't have to be like that. Our goal is to make the prices and ordering process easy on families. This page is designed so that anyone can get a good idea as to what a marker will cost, and what you can decide on so as to create a lasting memory to be placed in a calm surrounding for future visits and quiet times of reflection. No pressure sales or inflated prices will be found with us. We are one of the few affordable marker representatives in the area. Please feel free to review the different styles that we offer. For more information, please feel free to call on us.

From a traditional "Morning Rose" granite for that feminine touch to an elaborate "Blue Pearl" to reflect on ones bold, tropical, carefree lifestyle, we carry a selection of granite colors that is not only attractive, but also generally accessible at a very affordable price to you.

INCLUDES - Name, dates up to 25 letters for epitaph(s) and 1 emblem*

Free delivery almost anywhere in Arizona.

Marker Styles



BRONZE MEMORIAL MARKERS - Bronze markers lay flat on the ground on a granite base. They are available in single or companion sizes with or without a vase. Bronze markers are very stately in appearance.

Single bronze marker starts - $650

Companion marker starts - $1,255

Granite base included

Vase, an additional $165


UPRIGHT MARKERS - Upright markers sit in an upright position and traditionally come with a "Base", they are a bit more pricy but are also very elegant in appearance.

Single upright marker starts - $730
Single heart marker starts - $840

base and vase not included

Base start at $305

SLANT MARKERS - Slant markers sit in an upright position and give the appearance of the more expensive upright headstone. A base is optional with this marker.

Single slant marker starts - $470

Base is optional, not included



BEVEL MARKERS - Bevel Markers are much like the flat marker. Bevel Markers lay flat on the ground and have a slanted face to give a small upright appearance.

Single beveled marker starts - $420


FLAT MARKERS - Flat markers lay flat on the ground and come in many sizes. Also known as grass markers. Grass markers are the most affordable while still maintaining a level of statesmanship and elegance.

Single flat marker starts - $355





PHOTO CAMEOS - Our marker cameos provide an everlasting porcelain photo of your loved one to be cherished and provide memories to family and friends for a lifetime.

Photo Cameo's start at - $180

Color or black and white photos allowed, priced the same

Lifetime guarantee

GRANITE MARKER FLOWER VASES - Marker flower vases are used to be placed on those markers that use a "marker base" These granite vases are engraveable.

Granite vase's starts - $180

*Restrictions apply on all markers, please review our
price list and guidelines.

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Our GENERAL PRICE LIST as of June 17th, 2014

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